How to Provide Good Customer Service During a Crisis?

Customer Service During a Crisis

Honestly, it could be hard for businesses to give excellent customer service when it is faced with a crisis. Companies should continue to be available to customers even in challenging times. A crisis that everyone has felt unlike any other is the coronavirus pandemic of this generation. Experiences from this global health threat plus the … Read more

Top Sites and Online Resources on Customer Service

Online Resources

Books have always been the go-to sources of information by the older generations. This is the reason why libraries are given priority for improvement back in the day, as it gives learning to the visitors. Until the internet has changed the way we learn in the modern time. Searching has never become easier by typing … Read more

Tips for Improving Customer Service Responsiveness

Customer Service Responsiveness

There is a lot of things to be considered in providing good customer service. The organization may sometimes exert a huge effort to train employees on how to meet customers’ expectations and treat them well. The definition of good customer service is entirely intangible, but a greater level of responsiveness is something that every customer … Read more

How to Deliver Memorable Customer Experiences?

Memorable customer service

When talking about feedback forms, customers would usually answer them if they have either exceptional or a bad experience with the company. Most employees would agree that organic feedback is mostly complaints, giving them the opportunity to vent out their concerns. In the past few months, if the company has received more negative feedback than … Read more

Customer Service Goals – What They Are & How To Set


A customer service department has the ultimate goal of satisfying customer needs. Since it is very broad, customer service goals are usually broken down into smaller goals that will contribute to the general objective. The SMART Goal To determine if the goal can be achieved, management can use the SMART guidelines in setting a target … Read more

How to Deliver Great Customer Service


There are people who believe that delivering proper customer service is very easy. It is more than smiling and giving what customers want. Great customer service does not end when they leave the store or hung up the phone – but also involves a great after-sales experience. Working for the customer service department is a … Read more