How to Contact Australia Post

The Australian postal services provider is the Australian Postal Corporation, which is also known as Australia Post. The government business enterprise has its head office and also a post office in Bourke Street, Melbourne.

 History of Australia Post

The first postal service in Australia was established in 1809 when the first postmaster was appointed in Sydney. Isaac Nichols, the first postmaster, took over the post and ran it from his home in Sydney’s George Street. To escape the chaos of people running onboard ships as soon as they landed at Sydney’s wharves, his main job was to take care of letters and parcels arriving by sea.

Other areas followed until 1842, which were Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland. The New South Wales Legislative Council passed the Postal Act in 1825, in which Nichols working like a private company, transferred the duties to the governor.  The governor would then determine the postmaster’s wage and the expense of mail collection.

The colonial mail system was included in the Postmaster-General’s Department due to its formation in 1901. Airmail was introduced in 1914. Australia also has the world’s first mechanical processing center and introduced the country’s four-digit postcodes in 1967.

The Post Master General’s organizational functions were delegated to independent government commissions in July 1975. This made the Australian Postal Commission, which became the Australian Postal Corporation in January 1989 (which is now the Australia Post).

How to Contact Australia Post through Phone

The Australia Post can be reached through the phone number +61 13 7678 (13 POST), which is available on weekdays (except public holidays)from 8 am to 6 pm in local Australian time. Those located overseas can call +61 3 8847 9045, also from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm on Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Service charges may apply depending on the telecommunications provider. Those who have business credit accounts can call 13 11 18, from 8 am to 6 pm in local time, and also from Monday to Friday.

For those who need assistance (deaf, hearing, speech impairment, and even an interpreter), the web page link below will provide options by scrolling to the ‘Get help calling’ section.

How to Contact Australia Post through Live Chat

The organization can reach the live chat support by clicking on the link same as above that will open the ‘Help & Support page. Scroll down until the chat section can be seen. Click on the ‘Chat Now’ link, then a chat box will open. A chatbot will assist with the inquiry. It will be connected to a live person if the provided answers do not satisfy the user.

How to Contact Australia Post through Social Media

Customers who would like to contact Australia Post through social media can use the appropriate link below. All accounts are verified with a blue checkmark. The organization also posts announcements and updates on its social media platforms. The social media team for Facebook and Twitter is available every day, 24 hours a day.




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