How to Contact Target Australia

Though using an almost identical logo, Target Australia is not affiliated or does not have any relation with the Target Corporation in the US. It is owned by the Kmart group under the parent company of the Australian retail conglomerate Wesfarmers.

History of Target Australia

George Lindsay had a group of retail stores in Ouyen, Victoria then moved to Geelong for an opportunity for growth. Selling dress fabrics, bedding, and furnishings, he and Alex McKenzie opened their first store on Geelong in 1926 then further opened more stores.

Myer Emporium purchased 16 of these stores and renamed Lindsay’s Target, being the first discount department store that expanded to other areas in Australia. It was in March 1973 when the company decided to drop “Lindsay’s” on the company name and renamed as Target.

The merge of Myer Emporium Ltd and GJ Coles & Coy Ltd in August 1985 led to the creation of Coles Myer Limited. The loss of Target in 2001 has led to new senior management, where changes can be seen from the retail stores.

When Wesfarmers took over the Coles Group, it has considered changing some Kmart stores to the Target brand. The parent company decided to restructure Target and Kmart into a single department store division called Kmart Group. In the following decade, there are store closures and changes to small-format store KHubs (under Kmart brand) or Kmart in 2020.

How to Contact Target Australia through Phone

Target Australia customers may call 1300 753 567, which is available on weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm, and closed on Sundays. Timings are all based on AEST. Those who would like to contact a specific store through their phone can access the store locator through the link below. Select an area or state then find the appropriate location.

How to Contact Target Australia through Live Chat

Target Australia’s customer service can also be contacted through live chat support. Use the link below to access the ‘Contact Us’ page, and click on the ‘Chat Online’ button. Timings are on weekdays from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm AEST, Saturdays from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm AEST, and it is closed on Sundays.

How to Contact Target Australia through Email

Customers can send an email by using this email address: [email protected]. Alternatively, customers may use the same contact us link on the live chat section and scroll to the email us section.

Select from the drop-down selection and click on the ‘Email Us’ button. It will direct to the user’s default email system. A pre-filled body of the mail will be provided to help senders give out complete information.

How to Contact Target Australia through Postal Mail

Those who would like to send a postal mail to Target Australia may use the mailing address shown below.

Target Customer Support

2 Kendall St,

Williams Landing VIC 3027

How to Contact Target Australia through Social Media

The company can be reached through social media, and only have Facebook and Instagram accounts as of writing. Target Australia does not have a Twitter account, while the 2 social media accounts are verified with a blue checkmark.



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