How to Deliver Memorable Customer Experiences?

When talking about feedback forms, customers would usually answer them if they have either exceptional or a bad experience with the company. Most employees would agree that organic feedback is mostly complaints, giving them the opportunity to vent out their concerns.

In the past few months, if the company has received more negative feedback than positive ones, it should consider planning on how to deliver memorable customer experiences. Here are some tips that the company can use to provide customers with unforgettable interactions.

1. Personalization

Delivering a personalized customer is done by providing solutions that are tailored to the customer’s specific preferences and desires. Start by asking permission to use the customer’s first name to make it sound friendly. Some CRM software even has a field for customer’s preferred names if they don’t want to use their original names or indicate their profession such as Dr., Atty., Engr., and the likes.

Aside from calling customers by their first name, providing a personalized service can give a more memorable experience. The customer database may include notes about customer preferences. Use this information to give tailor-fit solutions or suggestions towards customer requests. This also helps the company build a better relationship with its customers.

2. Clear Communication

Communication is a two-way process. Therefore, customers should not be the only ones doing the talking, but the customer service staff as well. It provides a memorable customer service experience by having a smooth and clear conversation that will lead to customer satisfaction.

When something is not clear, encourage customers to ask questions. Explain using simple words and avoid jargon in the conversation. Take time to explain the process and try to confirm customer understanding as much as possible. Complaints that are dealt with proper communication usually end up with an acceptable resolution.

3. Choosing the Right Staff

Let’s face the truth, everyone is not fit to work in the customer service department. It needs a lot of customer service skills to be great with the job, including the patience to handle tough customers. A memorable customer experience is provided by the staff who can handle customers well even under pressure or with limited resources.

Recruiters can sort out the best applicant by asking how they will respond to certain situations that are currently happening in the workplace. Aside from the employee’s work attitude, management should share their part in the continuous improvement of customer service staff.

Training should be provided frequently to make sure that employees are gaining more knowledge and adapt to the changing needs of customers. Product trainings are also a big help for employees, as it helps them understand what the company is offering. If employees know their products well, it can encourage customers to buy by highlighting the benefits and advantages.

4.  Use the Latest Trends

Be a pioneer by implementing the latest trend and technology in customer service. What is efficient in a couple of years may not be relevant today. These technologies can make customers feel that the company gives enough attention to their concerns or provide experiences that are unique compared to those of the competitor’s.

For example, the latest project management software can help manage customer interactions and pay attention to those that need urgent attention. It also allows users to easily respond to customers in providing updates with the use of this software. The virtual application of its functions can leave a lasting impression on customers.

5. Faster Resolution

Customers won’t forget how easy it is to deal with a company. Fixing concerns or issues in the shortest time possible will leave a lasting impression. Make sure to provide permanent or long-term solutions that will not require customers to come back.

The company can use a support ticketing system, where helps in managing complaints by monitoring and notifying the right employees or department that will solve the issue. There are issues that may require the help of other departments (such as billing or the advanced technical team) to expedite the complaint resolution.

6. Going the Extra Mile

This can be considered as one of the best ways to provide a memorable customer experience. This will make any customer feel that the employee and the management are willing to go beyond their call of duty to meet their needs. Asking the customers ‘Is there anything else that I can help you?’ proves the desire of the staff to serve them.

Simple gestures such as opening the door or guiding them on their way out of the store can give a lasting impression. Going the extra mile does not always require being grand, but showing that the staff and the management are concerned and truly value their customers.

7. Provide Options

When a customer visits the store or contacts the customer service team for a complaint, the most typical approach is to give the best solution possible. Staff may see it as the best, but customers may be considering other factors before accepting the fix.

Make sure to encourage customers to speak out by asking the right probing questions. Through this, the staff can unveil what the customer is looking for in the solution. It turns to be a memorable experience once the staff has figured out the best option that ticks all of the customer’s checklist. It may not be applicable in all cases, but worth trying.

8. Standard Processes

It is frustrating for customers when the same store located in a different branch has different processes. The customer feels like they have to start from the beginning instead of confidently transacting in whatever location they are.

This also applies to interacting with different employees of the same rank in the same branch. The one may say a different process than the other one. Having a streamlined process across branches and staff gives customers the thought that the company knows them well and not just on a branch level.

Giving exceptional and memorable customer experience should be meaningful enough that affects customers on an emotional level. This results in loyalty and retention, with the idea that their experience will be shared with others. It leads to word-of-mouth advertising that benefits the company by having more customers to serve, thus gaining more profit.

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