Top Sites and Online Resources on Customer Service

Books have always been the go-to sources of information by the older generations. This is the reason why libraries are given priority for improvement back in the day, as it gives learning to the visitors. Until the internet has changed the way we learn in the modern time. Searching has never become easier by typing a few buttons and can be done anywhere that there is internet access.

Learning more about customer service is not limited to those taking up a business course or a master’s degree. Websites and online resources can give insights to a manager up to a rank and file employee. If you are looking for top sites and online resources on customer service, see the list below:


TED is a non-profit organization that began in 1984 as a conference – crediting Technology, Entertainment, and Design that is also the acronym of their name. It now covers a wide range of topics including business and customer service. Their goal is to disseminate ideas through short talks of less than 18 minutes. They are famous for their TEDx and TED Talks events that are held in different parts of the world.

They are also active on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Access to these platforms is free but may need to check the categories that are about business and customer service.

Harvard Business Review

Originally published as a magazine from Harvard Business Publishing (a subsidiary of the Harvard University in Massachusets), it is now available as an online resource for anything business. As of writing, searching ‘customer service’ on their website will reveal 1,559 results. Founded in 1922, this is one of the leading resources of the latest trends, ideas, and knowledge about business as a whole.

However, the website can provide a limited number of entries per month that will serve as their free trial version. At the time of writing, the cheapest subscription will be US$15 per month to have unlimited access to digital articles and the archive. They still offer print issues that can be subscribed for US$ 2 more per month, combined with digital access.


Udemy is a privately held American company that provides online training to professionals and children. Most of the courses taken are for improving job-related skills, which includes customer service. There are courses that will provide certification that can be used in job searching.

Companies that would like to consider training their employees to improve their skills may use the website. Fees and charges differ from the course and trainer that will discuss the topic chosen.  Not just for business and customer service, they also offer other online training courses. They are also available in different languages and available in most countries.


There are a few customer service enthusiasts online that write blogs that share their own opinion about customer service. They would usually use existing concepts and weigh the pros and cons or would lay out a step-by-step guide in improving different aspects of customer service.

This differs from a business blog because they do not offer products, but most likely to offer their consultancy services, training, or tutorials for a fee. An example is Shep Hyken, a customer service expert that is popularly known as the ‘Chief Amazement Officer.’ Visiting his own website has its own customer service blog based on the author’s knowledge. It can also be used for SEO purposes.

Customer Service Resources In The Modern Times

Learning in modern times required creativity and adapting to the changes brought by technology. Though most of them do not get sources from verified facts, some of the ideas they express can be a breakthrough to the needs of the business.

The sources listed below would either express their own opinion or quote experts, previous studies, and researches. The following are some examples where informal learning can also gain knowledge about customer service:

1. Customer Service Software Developer Blogs

Some may wonder why some websites have blogs when they don’t have to. It is mostly for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Most of these blogs are written in a way to improve rankings when showing up on search engine sites like Google. The higher the ranking, the better clicks, and views it gets – giving an opportunity to make a sale or realize the need of the website visitors.

In creating these blogs, they may also consider being informative. When a search is done for any relevant term that connotes ‘customer service,’ there is a chance that the article is coming from a customer service software company. They try to show how their service will greatly improve the efficiency of providing customer service.

2. Support Driven

Support Driven is an online community with members that focuses on customer support. They have an omnichannel approach by offering online resources, email publications, and even a Slack community of the same name. They also hold various community-led initiatives that link the online community in face-to-face learning. If you are looking to join the group, visit their website and check their blogs as well.

 3. YouTube

In the past decade, there was a significant increase in the number of YouTubers. The best about this social media platform is the variety of information that can be seen about customer service. Some customer service vloggers can combine academic-based learning and infusing it with their own personal opinion.

On the other hand, popular business news outlets like CNBC or Bloomberg have official YouTube accounts that can also be a source of information about customer service. However, the viewer may be required with a pen and paper as subtitles or a text-based version is not available.

Whatever the source, learning more about customer service includes critical thinking and being creative on what to offer to customers. Online sources have truly changed the way of how business can be learned, and not just limited to having a bachelor’s degree. The internet is completely changing the way people live – and the same goes on how education can be attained.

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