How to Contact Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse’s online store is proud today that they are Australia’s number 1 online pharmacy. The business promotes itself as a retailer of low-cost and discounted pharmaceuticals. It also operates in New Zealand and also tags itself as the country’s number 1 online pharmacy. As of writing, the company is considered the largest pharmacy retailer in Australia with over 8000 employees.

History of Chemist Warehouse

The Chemist Warehouse Group began in 2000 when pharmacist Jack Gance and business associate Mario Verrocchi started the company, opening a store in Melbourne. It was followed by launching more stores in Victoria until it entered other states. In 2004, they considered opening the first interstate store in Cairns as one of the company’s important milestones.

The Chemist Warehouse brand is under the My Chemist retail group, with more than 400 stores across Australia, and offers international orders through their online store. A large number of retail stores tagged them as the ‘McDonald’s of pharmacy,’ due to the complex franchise structure that they find a way around the limits set by the Australian regulations regarding pharmacy operations in one given area.

The fact of having a 50 percent of market share, the group was able to control the retail pharmacy industry in Australia. In 2013, Sam Gance of the Chemist Warehouse ranked number 16 in the Inside Retail Magazine’s Top 50 Most Powerful Retailers list. In 2018, Gance and Verrocchi said that they are considering some changes to the business operations, as they consider the year’s result to be ‘satisfactory.’

How to Contact Chemist Warehouse through Phone and Fax

Chemist Warehouse can be contacted by phone by dialing 1300 367 283. If customers would like to check a retail physical store nearest to their location, call 1300 734 876. For fax, their contact number is 1300 363 879.

How to Contact Chemist Warehouse through Email

For inquiries and to reach customer service through email, customers may use the email address [email protected]. Alternatively, they may fill up a web form regarding their inquiry through the link below. Users will be selecting a category to access the appropriate form.

How to Contact Chemist Warehouse through Postal Mail

Customers who prefer to send a written mail to Chemist Warehouse should use the address below.

Chemist Warehouse

PO BOX 612,

Virginia QLD 4014

How to Contact Chemist Warehouse through Social Media

Chemist Warehouse is also available through social media, verified with a blue checkmark. The company mostly posts sale announcements on these accounts, in addition to updates and news.




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